belongs to the category of Battle Royale, which has conquered many players and is rapidly developing with the help of similar games. Here you will build your own defense against enemies to survive in this challenging battle. Your goal is to find a decent weapon and build a strong building that will protect you and the extracted resources. Try to create a strong armor, so that the opponents could not destroy it.

Use as much metal as it is stronger than wood. Do not forget that the weapons need ammo, and in order to find them you need to walk on the map. At the very beginning of the game in the hands of the character will be Kirk, which you will chop trees, smash stones and metal pieces. But there will come a time when it is necessary to defend, and for this purpose it is necessary weapons and cartridges to it. Try to find it as quickly as possible so as not to be easy prey to the enemy.

How to play

You find yourself in a world where all players fight their enemies for life. The goal of each player is to survive and remain the last survivor of the game arena. Doing this will be very difficult, and you have many times to start all over again. On the playing field scattered weapons and first aid kits, to raise the standard of living when needed. Gather as many resources as possible, stand for defense of the enemy.

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Do not forget that Build Royal io belongs to the category Battle Royale and here, as usual, you will be haunted by the death Zone, which will be narrow to the center of the field. Beware of collision with her, otherwise your character will be infected and destroyed! Play confidently and never give up, only so you can get the first place among the players.

Control of the game

To shoot, you need to click on the left mouse button and accurately aim at his enemy. To start the construction process, click the Q button and select the item you want to use.

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